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We are a New Economy Movement. NEM is a groundbreaking crypto-currency that gives control of their economy back to the people and establishes them as sovereigns over their own destiny.

Mooncoin: You know where it's headed.

Mooncoin is a volunteer driven, microtransaction cryptocurrency which was created in December, 2013. Over the past 4 years it has grown to become a solid coin with incredible potential for the future!

Perfect Bitcoins Faucet Free 1000 Satoshi Upto 2000 Satoshi Every 120 Minutes /

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My New Bitcoin Faucet! /

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Your first bitcoins came from.. (faucets aside) /

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In 2015, faucets are bad for bitcoin /

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BetFury Birthday Bounty campaign for 15 mln BFG ($235 000)

BetFury Birthday Bounty campaign for 15 mln BFG ($235 000)
All Betfurians are looking forward to the grand holiday. Very soon we will be celebrating the first year of our platform. To make this holiday memorable, we have created a Huge Bounty campaign for 15 mln BFG on BitcoinTalk! Prizes are waiting for you in all social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, YouTube, Reddit. More rewards for BitcoinTalk Signature & Articles in: Steemit, Reddit, Medium, Golos, Quora.
Everyone is invited! Hurry up to apply for participation faster than others! The number of participants for some campaigns is limited.
Start receiving Birthday gifts now:
  1. Join the official Telegram channel and Bounty chat
  2. Create an account at
  3. Fill out the spreadsheet. There is a separate Google form for each campaign. After you have filled out Google forms go to the General spreadsheet and find your data. If you find your name in the spreadsheet, publish a post in this thread confirming your participation.
  4. Follow the requirements of the selected campaign carefully, taking into account all the important points.
  5. Publish your Weekly Report in this thread every week until MONDAY UTC 23:59 The reports are checked on TUESDAY.
  6. Get BFG tokens and use it for your own pleasure: stake and get daily dividends, bid in auction to get crypto, play In-house games and hold to exchange in the future.
General Rules:
  1. Participants can’t change their BetFury account nickname after registration.
  2. Check twice your nickname before registering for the campaign.
  3. KYC is not required for the Bounty campaign.
  4. Multiple accounts, fraud and spam are not allowed. You will be immediately disqualified from the Bounty program. Please note that any offensive or inappropriate behavior will result in immediate disqualification from the campaign.
  5. @Manager_BetFury and the project team reserve the right to change the terms of the campaign at any time.
  6. The submission form for articles and videos will be closed 3 days before the end of the Bounty.
  7. Accounts with negative (red) trust are not allowed to participate in the Bounty.
  8. The budget can be reallocated between campaigns in case of a shortage of coins for payments in one of them.
  9. Please check all links in your Weekly Report a few times to make sure they actually lead to your articles, Tweets, Retweets, Posts, Reposts, comments, video. Payments to all members are made every 2 weeks to the internal BetFury wallet.
If you have any questions - write our Bounty manager in the Bounty chat.

  • Subscribe to the official BetFury page on Twitter
  • Retweet posts using special hashtags
  • Create at least 2 Tweets about the BetFury project per week, mentioning @betfury_io
  • Retweet the bounty post every two weeks. Full Campaign rules and terms of participation here:
**Awards:** 300+ subscribers: $1 per week in tokens = 35 BFG(TRX) + 35 BFG(BTC) 500+ subscribers: $2 per week in tokens = 70 BFG(TRX) + 70 BFG(BTC) 2 500+ subscribers: $5 per week in tokens = 160 BFG(TRX) + 160 BFG(BTC) 10 000+ subscribers: $15 per week in tokens = 490 BFG(TRX) + 490 BFG(BTC) *Monthly Bonus + Quarterly Bonus

**Awards:** 300+ subscribers: $1 per week in tokens = 35 BFG(TRX) + 35 BFG(BTC) 500+ subscribers: $2 per week in tokens = 70 BFG(TRX) + 70 BFG(BTC) 2 500+ subscribers: $5 per week in tokens = 160 BFG(TRX) + 160 BFG(BTC) 3 000+ subscribers: $8 per week in tokens = 260 BFG(TRX) + 260 BFG(BTC) *Monthly Bonus + Quarterly Bonus

  • Subscribe to the BetFury official page on Reddit.
  • Make posts and write comments on a subreddit that is focused on cryptocurrency, blockchain, gambling, crypto faucets
  • Subreddits must have more than 500 subscribers.
  • Post/message length - at least 30 characters.
  • Your post/comment should link to
  • Repost the Bounty post every two weeks.
  • Don’t delete your posts/comments during this campaign.
  • Copy/paste and reposts of our posts in Reddit is prohibited. Full Campaign rules and terms of participation here:
**Awards:Posts:** 5+ posts: $3 per week in tokens = 95 BFG(TRX) + 95 BFG(BTC) 10+ posts: $6 per week in tokens = 195 BFG(TRX) + 195 BFG(BTC) **Comments:** 5+ comments: per week $2 in tokens = 65 BFG(TRX) +65 BFG(BTC) 10+ comments: per week $4 in tokens = 130 BFG(TRX) + 130 BFG(BTC) *Monthly Bonus + Quarterly Bonus

**Awards:** 300+ subscribers: $1 per week in tokens = 35 BFG(TRX) + 35 BFG(BTC) 500+ subscribers: $2 per week in tokens = 65 BFG(TRX) + 65 BFG(BTC) 1 000+ subscribers: $5 per week in tokens = 160 BFG(TRX) + 160 BFG(BTC) 10 000+ subscribers: $15 per week in tokens = 490 BFG(TRX) + 490 BFG(BTC) *Monthly Bonus + Quarterly Bonus

  • Change your Telegram name to “Your Name | BetFury Ambassador".
  • Replace your profile picture with your BetFury avatar.
  • Insert your referral link in the paragraph about “yourself”.
  • Write posts in other Telegram groups related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, gambling, crypto faucets. (max 2 messages per day).
  • You must remain in the Bounty group and keep the avatar, nickname and description till the end of the campaign to receive your reward. Full Campaign rules and terms of participation here:
**Award:** $3 in tokens for the week = 95 BFG(TRX) + 95 BFG(BTC) *Monthly Bonus + Quarterly Bonus
**Do you own a Telegram group? Tell about BetFury in your Telegram group/Channel and earn! **Publish only 3 posts per week in your Group/Channel, that is focused on cryptocurrency, blockchain, gambling, crypto faucets. Posts must remain in the feed until the end of the Bounty campaign. A prerequisite is to make a post about the Bounty every two weeks. You can insert your referral link into the post.
**Awards:** 300+ subscribers: $1 per week in tokens = 35 BFG(TRX) + 35 BFG(BTC) 500+ subscribers: $2 per week in tokens = 65 BFG(TRX) + 65 BFG(BTC) 1 000+ subscribers: $5 per week in tokens = 160 BFG(TRX) + 160 BFG(BTC) 10 000+ subscribers: $15 per week in tokens = 490 BFG(TRX) + 490 BFG(BTC) *Monthly Bonus + Quarterly Bonus

Campaign rules
**Awards are determined according to the quality of the video:** High quality: $100 in tokens = 3 250 BFG(TRX) + 3 250 BFG(BTC) Excellent quality: $50 in tokens = 1,625 BFG(TRX) + 1,625 BFG(BTC) Normal quality: $20 in tokens = 650 BFG(TRX) + 650 BFG(BTC) *Quarterly Bonus

Tik Tok
  • Shoot and upload a creative video on the topic of “Playing on BetFury is fun”. Use the raccoon Fury as a hero, game elements, gameplay.
  • Video length: min - 15 seconds, max 60 seconds.
  • Posts will only be accepted with special hashtags and mentioning u/
  • Presentations and videos in the form of musical performances are accepted. Full Campaign rules and terms of participation here:
**Awards:** 100+ views: $1 in tokens = 35 BFG(TRX) + 35 BFG(BTC) 500+ views: $3 in tokens = 95 BFG(TRX) + 95 BFG(BTC) 1 000+ views: $5 in tokens = 160 BFG(TRX) + 160 BFG(BTC) 5 000+ views: $10 in tokens = 325 BFG(TRX) + 325 BFG(BTC) *Quarterly Bonus

Blog & Article
  • Subscribe to the official BetFury page at Steemit.
  • Write an article / review / comparison / post about your BetFury experience on one of the selected topics below.
  • The work must be creative, original and unique.
  • You cannot delete your articles during the entire Bounty campaign.
  • Submit your article on Steemit, Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk, Golos, Quora, or other publicly accessible sites. Full Campaign rules and terms of participation here:
**Awards are determined according to the quality of the video:** Professional quality: $30 in tokens = 975 BFG(TRX) + 975 BFG(BTC) Excellent quality: $15 in tokens = 485 BFG(TRX) + 485 BFG(BTC) Normal quality: $5 in tokens = 160 BFG(TRX) + 160 BFG(BTC) *Quarterly Bonus

  • Newbies cannot participate in the campaign (rank Newbie)
  • Keep our signature and avatar until the end of the campaign.
  • Create at least 15 high quality posts per week. Post length - at least 150 characters.
  • A minimum of 10 posts per week should be written in these sections: Gambling, Mining, Project development, Announcements (Altcoins), Micro Earnings.
  • Spam, trolling, cheating are prohibited.
  • Negative trust accounts are not allowed to participate in the campaign.
  • Copper member rank = Jr. Member rank. Full Campaign rules and terms of participation here:
You can insert your referral link into this part of your signature code and get additional bonuses from participating in the campaign. Instruction
**Awards:** Jr Member: $2 per week in tokens = 75 BFG(TRX) + 75 BFG(BTC) Member: $5 per week in tokens = 165 BFG(TRX) + 165 BFG(BTC) Full Member: $10 per week in tokens = 325 BFG(TRX) + 325 BFG(BTC) Sr Member: $30 per week in tokens = 975 BFG(TRX) + 975 BFG(BTC) Hero and Legendary: $40 per week in tokens = 1300 BFG(TRX) + 1300 BFG(BTC)
The avatar is here. Signatures are here. *Monthly Bonus + Quarterly Bonus
*Topics for YouTube videos, articles / reviews / comparisons / posts:
  • What makes BetFury unique? The main advantages of the platform.
  • Features of mining at BetFury. Opportunities and prospects for BFG token holders.
  • Comparison with other projects in the field of gambling.
  • Acquaintance with the BetFury platform: how to enter, deposit/withdraw, placing bets in In-house games and slots, mining and staking BFG token.
  • Promotional campaigns and contests on BetFury: current events / personal experience of participation / accrual of winnings / withdrawal of funds.
  • BetFury: advantages over traditional games.
  • How does the dividend system and cashback work at BetFury?
  • Games at BetFury:In-house, Slots, Table Games, Live Games.
  • Ability to place bets on BetFury: TRX, USDT, BTT, BFG, SUN, BTC + dividends pools.
  • BetFury benefits: Min bet, Daily tasks, Jackpots, Cashback, Dividends, Rank system.
Check *Monthly Bonus & Quarterly Bonus in the rules of each campaign on BitcoinTalk.
There will be enough gifts for everyone! Call your friends and participate together to share the fun of this holiday.
Link to the Website: Link to the Telegram: Link to the Twitter: Link to the Telegram Channel: Link to the Steemit: Link to Facebook: Link to Instagram: Link to Reddit:
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A few ways to Earn Ethereum!

The payouts are small but over time they add up to a good chunk, enough to challenge those who still believe that “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”
The crypto industry has created many opportunities for individuals to realize their dreams of financial freedom, but it’s worth pointing out that, whatever you find out there, if it looks too good to be true probably is.

Cryptocurrency Faucets

A faucet is usually a website or app that offers the user a small amount of crypto in exchange for performing a task. Most of the time the task required is completing a simple captcha, but it can also be watching an ad or playing minigames.
A faucet makes money via the ads on its platform, and shares some of the revenue with its users in the form of cryptocurrency. There is a timer, however, you can’t reclaim money from the faucet every minute, and also a minimum withdrawal requirement, meaning that you will only be able to reclaim the free Ethereum to your wallet after a certain amount.
Ethereum faucets won’t offer a huge flow of value but patiently, drop by drop, you can earn a sizable amount.

Token Airdrops

Put simply airdrops are giveaways, the definition of free money. So why would someone do something like that? Let’s imagine a new crypto project is looking to launch their own token and fund their operations through an initial coin offering (ICO) or another fund raising mechanism.
One good way projects use to get the word out there and build a community is to giveaway a portion of their tokens in an airdrop. It is important to note that airdrops won’t earn you Ethereum directly.
The good news is that the majority of tokens use the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20) and can be kept in your ETH wallet and easily sold for some free Ethereum once listed on exchanges. There are various platforms out there where one can track the latest airdrops.

Crypto Bounties

Bounty campaigns are a tool used by new crypto projects to help them get some initial traction and online buzz. The participants are required to do simple tasks such as leaving a like, comment, or sharing social media posts from a certain crypto project.
The most used social media platforms are Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter and the rewards are proportional to how big of a following you have on these platforms. Other common tasks include translation work, creating your own blog post and/or video content, and signature campaigns on the Bitcointalk forum, where most recent bounties appear.
Once the bounty campaign comes to a halt, the newly minted tokens are distributed throughout the participants of the bounty campaign. As most new tokens are ERC20 tokens, they can easily be exchanged for some free Ethereum once listed on exchanges

Work for Ethereum

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Is it free Ethereum if we still have to work for it? No, but the upside is that it can pay way better than the other alternatives listed. The diversity of jobs offered is the same as other freelancing platforms with the difference that the jobs are paid in cryptocurrency, in this case ether. If you have some skills in design, writing, or coding (just to name a few) it might be wise to take a look at cryptogrind or XBTFreelancer.
Reaching out to crypto businesses directly may also do the trick, as some are always looking for talent to help them out. Even if most don’t reply or turn you down, companies are now more than ever seeking talent in the crypto and blockchain space, so keep trying.

Referral Links for Crypto Exchanges

This one is good for those out there with friends that are also crypto savvy. Various exchanges offer affiliate programs where you get paid out for inviting your friends and colleagues onto their platform.
Exchanges like Coinbase offer a one time payment when a new person joins their platform while others like Cryptmixer, for example, gives its members an impressive 50% of the revenue from the new clients they bring in. You can also use their exchange to swap the Bitcoin you receive to Ether, making it a great way to earn ETH.

The Bottom Line

Some methods involve a lot of work, others don’t require much of anything. Some you need to already own Ethereum, while others allow you to start from zero (although the payout is considerably smaller).
Crypto has made value accessible to anyone with an internet connection, so choose the one method that best fits your needs and skills and you will be carving out your own space in the cryptosphere, starting with some free Ethereum.
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[Testnet] Lightning Network Ping Pong Challenge. Post invoice to play tBTC-LN ping-pong.

I'd like to see more people learn Lightning, so perhaps a game of tBTC-LN ping-pong. Here are the basic rules:
  1. Install and launch a LN wallet on Testnet (Eclair, Electrum,
  2. Open a testnet LN channel to a LN testnet node
  3. Spend 10% of the channel at starblocks, or by requesting invoice on this thread
  4. Request people to top off your channel by pasting an invoice on this thread
  5. Try swapping tBTC-LN and tBTC using Boltz Testnet swap exchange
Ask how to do any of these steps on thread and we'll help you get it set up. You can also look at my last Ping-Pong Thread since some of your questions are probably already answered there.
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[PSA] Electrum and Eclair both support Testnet-LN to learn about LN


I rewrote this post to clean it up a bit and add more context.
With the last few drops of Electrum it's been much easier to use LN. I've played around with Electrum-desktop on testnet. Everything worked great, and it is a great way to learn about channel capacity and invoices without having to put real money at risk. Electrum has a "swap" button to adjust capacity but I think it may be broken on testnet presently. There are a few ways to adjust capacity / liquidity that I'll discuss below.

Get Electrum running

  1. Install Electrum 4.0.2 and run it on testnet enabling LN.
  2. Get testnet BTC and send it to Electrum
  3. Open a channel in Electrum with either a known entity, or use their channel suggestion
  4. Wait an hour or so for the channel to open.
  5. Perform a submarine-swap operation to give you a 50/50 capacity
  6. Wait for the swap to complete

Balance capacity

LN channels have a (local) sending capacity and a (remote) receiving capacity. To verify your local/remote capacity click on the channel and view "Details". New channels default to 100%/0% local/remote capacity, meaning you can send, but not receive. There is also some rule that requires you to be below 90% local before you can receive anything. So if you need to receive payments on LN before you spend 10% of your local capacity you will need to find a way to balance local/remote. As mentioned before, the easiest is just to spend (try starblocks), but if you don't have anything to spend on there are some other options

Test Node Visibility

Once you free up some receive capacity, you also need to ensure that your node is reachable. In the default config your node will not be publicly visible. Electrum will handle the last hop for you, but your sender still need to at least be able to route to one of the nodes you have receive capacity on. This may occationally fail causing "Path not found" errots when sending, or when others send to you. In the Electrum preferences there are some options to run local watchtowers and keep the app resident. This will help since your wallet needs to be running for it to receive payments. But even if you enable all options sometimes you will just end up on an isolated node. If this happens, take care to ensure you connect to nodes that are highly connected to others (view 1ml highly connect list).
If you want to test your visibility, just paste an invoice in this thread and hopefully someone can try to send you some tBTC-LN.
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Beginner guide to Electrum on Testnet-LN allowing you to learn without cost.


I rewrote this post to clean it up a bit and add more context. The original can still be found here
With the last few drops of Electrum it's been much easier to use LN. I've played around with Electrum-desktop on testnet. Everything worked great, and it is a great way to learn about channel capacity and invoices without having to put real money at risk. Electrum has a "swap" button to adjust capacity but I think it may be broken on testnet presently. There are a few ways to adjust capacity / liquidity that I'll discuss below.

Get Electrum running

  1. Install Electrum 4.0.2 and run it on testnet enabling LN.
  2. Get testnet BTC and send it to Electrum
  3. Open a channel in Electrum with either a known entity, or use their channel suggestion
  4. Wait an hour or so for the channel to open.
  5. Perform a submarine-swap operation to give you a 50/50 capacity
  6. Wait for the swap to complete

Balance capacity

LN channels have a (local) sending capacity and a (remote) receiving capacity. To verify your local/remote capacity click on the channel and view "Details". New channels default to 100%/0% local/remote capacity, meaning you can send, but not receive. There is also some rule that requires you to be below 90% local before you can receive anything. So if you need to receive payments on LN before you spend 10% of your local capacity you will need to find a way to balance local/remote. As mentioned before, the easiest is just to spend, but if you don't have anything to spend on there are some other options

Test Node Visibility

Once you free up some receive capacity, you also need to ensure that your node is reachable. In the default config your node will not be publicly visible. Electrum will handle the last hop for you, but your sender still need to at least be able to route to one of the nodes you have receive capacity on. This may occationally fail causing "Path not found" errots when sending, or when others send to you. In the Electrum preferences there are some options to run local watchtowers and keep the app resident. This will help since your wallet needs to be running for it to receive payments. But even if you enable all options sometimes you will just end up on an isolated node. If this happens, take care to ensure you connect to nodes that are highly connected to others.
If you want to test your visibility, just paste an invoice in this thread and hopefully someone can try to send you some tBTC-LN.
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Mousecoin Network May 2020 Report

Mousecoin Network May 2020 Report


The last month in the world of Mousecoin has been HUGE! There have been many changes, the addition of new awesome ways to earn MIC3 including our Faucets page and the Phoneum Games. We have also seen the launch of our Community Membership, which entitles each registered user to receive up to 200,000 MIC3 per month. We hope you are all keeping safe and are happy to provide you with our Mousecoin Network May 2020 Report.
FINALLY, after months of negotiation and with the help of Phoneum, Mousecoin has partnered with Phoneum to be included in two of the most popular Phoneum crypto games currently available. We have added a new Games page, whiche features all the information and link for the games, with more to come. Here is the run down:

Crypto Treasures

📷 📷

Crypto Treasures is a game, where players complete various quests, trivia and mini games to unlock Gold (in-game currency), Treasure Chests, Items, Collectibles, and various Crypto currencies, including the featured Mousecoin (MIC3).

Crypto Planet

📷 📷

Visit a new type of planet, one that allows you to earn real cryptocurrencies while playing a beautiful and futuristic game. The main objective is to extract the valuable resources of the planet: Crystals. There is a special machine designed specifically to dig up the Crystals automatically and deliver them to you. All you have to do is activate the Digger and after 4 hours, it will have the resources ready to be claimed.

Earn up to 200,000 MIC3 Per Month!

At the beginning of last month we began establishing our Community Membership which offers all registered Mousecoin Members a share of the rewards earned from the Community Fund just for being a member and following Mousecoin on all of our social media. As we come to the end of the first month we are currently in the process of checking all registrations and working out payments. We have also updated the profile page to include a Member News tab, Verified Notifications for each Social Media and a Monthly Payment History section. We are currently working on verifying all accounts registered before 1/6/2020, and should have all of these processed in the next few days, with all payment going out before the end of the week.

Become a part of the Mousecoin (MIC3) Community.Membership is FREE and it comes with HUGE bonuses!!

Our Community is important to us, it is the backbone of the Mousecoin Network. Every follow, like, interaction, comment and re-post of our content members of the Mousecoin Community do all helps us to grow awareness of Mousecoin, growing and strengthening our community. To show our appreciation for your loyalty we are rewarding every Mousecoin Member with a regular monthly payment of up to 200,000 MIC3 just for joining and remaining a member of our social media(s). To become a member all you need to do is complete the registration form below, making sure to become and stay a member on our social media(s) and start EARNING!!! Each of our social media accounts (listed below) that you follow entitles you to a portion of the potential 200,000 MIC3 you can earn each month. If you only follow on Twitter, you will only get 25,000 MIC3 per month, follow on 2 socials and get 50,000 MIC3, etc.
TELEGRAM Become and stay a member of:
Get 25,000 MIC3 PeMonth
TELEGRAM ANNOUNCEMENTS Become and stay a member of:
Get 25,000 MIC3 PeMonth
DISCORD Become and stay a member of:
Get 25,000 MIC3 PeMonth
TWITTER Become and stay a member of:
Get 25,000 MIC3 PeMonth
FACEBOOK Like and Follow:
Get 25,000 MIC3 PeMonth
REDDIT Become and stay a member of:
Get 25,000 MIC3 PeMonth
MEDIUM Become and stay a member of:
Get 25,000 MIC3 PeMonth
INSTAGRAM Become and stay a member of:
Get 25,000 MIC3 PeMonth
PLEASE NOTE: You must register before the 1st of each month in order to qualify for the previous months payment. All payments will be processed in the first week of the following month, once the accounts have been verified. You can check the process of you social account verification’s, as well as your monthly payment status on your account page. You must remain a member of the social media to receive the reward.
For anyone that isn’t already a member, you can find all of the information on our Community Member Registration Page
Just a reminder for the community and also for any new members, we have added a Wallet Setup Guides page, which takes any first time user of Mousecoin step-by-step through the process of installing their Mousecoin wallet and getting it online. The guide uses the latest blockchain snapshot found on the Wallet Downloads Page in the example explanation meaning that all new members of the Mousecoin community will be able to get their wallets online faster as the sync time should be minimal. We will be updating the blockchain snapshot at least once every month to ensure that people have access to the most up to date blockchain info. The latest blockchain snapshot was performed on the 1st June 2020.
The wallet version is currenty V1.0.0.0, with future releases of the Mousecoin wallet coming soon
If you are new to crypto currency or just after a bit of guidance setting up the Mousecoin wallet, check out our Wallet Setup Guides
📷 Windows
📷 Raspberry Pi
📷Wallet & Blockchain Snapshot Download (UPDATED 01-06-2020)
In the last month we asked the community if they would be interested in being a part of a Community Staking Pool. After investigations into this finding security flaws in most platforms, as well as the lack of interest from members of the community we have decided to not go ahead with the Community Staking Pool. While we understand that there are members of the Mousecoin Community that are unable to stake themselves for whatever reason, and that there are a number of staking platforms that offer pool staking for MIC3 to help these people stake, we will not officially be supporting any staking platforms. We ask all Community members using these or thinking about using these to keep in mind that any MIC3 hosted on these platforms is not in their wallets, and therefore not controlled by them. Do proper investigations into any platform that you use for this as there is always the possibility of loss. We encourage all members of the Mousecoin Community to stake from their own wallet (where possible) as this helps us to secure the network. If you need help setting up your wallet, go to our Wallet Setup Guides page for step-by-step guides on setting up your Mousecoin wallet.
We have updated the Mousecoin (MIC3) Faucets Page:
To make things clearer and we will be adding more faucets soon!
Last month we saw the edition of the USDT/MIC3 pair to nanu exchange. In our efforts to increase exposure of Mousecoin, we are still attempting to list on both ATAIX and Unnamed.Exhchange.
ATAIX We have risen to 18th position in the voting list on ATAIX, but we still need your votes. Remember you can vote every 24 hours for this listing, and you can share in 125,000,000 MIC3
Unnamed.Exhchange The exchange listing for Unnamed.Exhchange is 0.05 BTC. For anyone unfamiliar with the exchange there are two ways that you can donate to the listing:
1. If you are already a member of, or wish to be a member of Unnamed.Exhchange (and why wouldn’t you), you can put funds towards our listing by tipping us through the trollbox (Mousecoins). If you wish to be a member of Unnamed.Exhchange, you can register here:
2. You can also donate to the listing fee through the following addresses: BTC – bc1qmaqzhfqcw0urva0rtgfz5qvq4rw7kdnp6j7754 LTC – ltc1qc775eeftdde2jrevnyukrd2w9853jy5gmtv6rn DOGE – DEnBpriaFnKiNeBv6Q7MVxMg5hLv5urQFg UTIP – AUTyu2JhGAaCkM3KAmeBopto2bNBchNJfE
If you would like to donate in another crypto available on Unnamed.Exhchange, we have opened up the chat on the Discord channel HERE to assist with this. Please request the address and we will provide it for you. ANY AND ALL DONATIONS ARE WELCOME!! This is a good exchange and getting a listing her should help lift the profile of MIC3.
We will be reporting balances to the discord channel
In the last month the Community Fund has undergone a huge amount of change. We have completely moved all of our remaining balances away from 4Stake, with the MIC3 going to the Community Fund MIC3 account and the remaining crypto’s towards out listing on Unnamed.Exhchange. The Community Fund page on the website has also been updated to reflect all of the changes. It is an exciting time for the Community Fund as we have now reached a balance that will sustain itself. This is why we have introduced the Community Member payment, and are able to sustain the faucets we have on and in the Phoneum Games. There is still more to come!


📷 📷📷 📷📷📷📷
📷 📷📷


📷📷📷📷📷📷📷 📷 📷📷


GENERAL: Wallets Explorer Github About Staking
NEWS/UPDATES: BitcoinTalk Discord Telegram Mousecoin Official News Twitter Medium
COMMUNITY FUND: Telegram Facebook
SUPPORT: Discord Mousecoin English\_ENG
FACEBOOK: Mousecoin English Mousecoin Portuguese
TELEGRAM: Mousecoin English\_ENG Mousecoin Portuguese Mousecoin Russian Mousecoin Korean Mousecoin Spanish Mousecoin Australia\_Australia


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The Decade in Blockchain — 2010 to 2020 in Review


February — The first ever cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin Market, is established. The first trade takes place a month later.
April — The first public bitcoin trade takes place: 1000BTC traded for $30 at an exchange rate of 0.03USD/1BTC
May — The first real-world bitcoin transaction is undertaken by Laszlo Hanyecz, who paid 10000BTC for two Papa John’s pizzas (Approximately $25 USD)
June — Bitcoin developer Gavin Andreson creates a faucet offering 5 free BTC to the public
July — First notable usage of the word “blockchain” appears on BitcoinTalk forum. Prior to this, it was referred to as ‘Proof-of-Work chain’
July — Bitcoin exchange named Magic The Gathering Online eXchange—also known as Mt. Gox—established
August —Bitcoin protocol bug leads to emergency hard fork
December — Satoshi Nakamoto ceases communication with the world


January — One-quarter of the eventual total of 21M bitcoins have been generated
February — Bitcoin reaches parity for the first time with USD
April — Bitcoin reaches parity with EUR and GBP
June — WikiLeaks begins accepting Bitcoin donations
June — Mt. Gox hacked, resulting in suspension of trading and a precipitous price drop for Bitcoin
August — First Bitcoin Improvement Proposal: BIP Purpose and Guidelines
October — Litecoin released
December — Bitcoin featured as a major plot element in an episode of ‘The Good Wife’ as 9.45 million viewers watch.


May — Bitcoin Magazine, founded by Mihai Alisie and Vitalik Buterin, publishes first issue
July — Government of Estonia begins incorporating blockchain into digital ID efforts
September — Bitcoin Foundation created
October — BitPay reports having over 1,000 merchants accepting bitcoin under its payment processing service
November — First Bitcoin halving to 25 BTC per block


February — Reddit begins accepting bitcoins for Gold memberships
March — Cyprus government bailout levies bank accounts with over $100k. Flight to Bitcoin results in major price spike.
May —Total Bitcoin value surpasses 1 billion USD with 11M Bitcoin in circulation
May — The first cryptocurrency market rally and crash takes place. Prices rise from $13 to $220, and then drop to $70
June — First major cryptocurrency theft. 25,000 BTC is stolen from Bitcoin forum founder
July — Mastercoin becomes the first project to conduct an ICO
August — U.S. Federal Court issues opinion that Bitcoin is a currency or form of money
October — The FBI shuts down dark web marketplace Silk Road, confiscating approximately 26,000 bitcoins
November — Vitalik Buterin releases the Ethereum White Paper: “A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platform
December — The first commit to the Ethereum codebase takes place


January — Vitalik Buterin announces Ethereum at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami
February — HMRC in the UK classifies Bitcoin as private money
March — Newsweek claims Dorian Nakamoto is Bitcoin creator. He is not
April — Gavin Wood releases the Ethereum Yellow Paper: “Ethereum: A Secure Decentralised Generalised Transaction Ledger
June — Ethereum Foundation established in Zug, Switzerland
June — US Marshals Service auctions off 30,000 Bitcoin confiscated from Silk Road. All are purchased by venture capitalist Tim Draper
July — Ethereum token launch raises 31,591 BTC ($18,439,086) over 42 days
September — TeraExchange launches first U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission approved Bitcoin over-the-counter swap
October — ConsenSys is founded by Joe Lubin
December — By year’s end, Paypal, Zynga, u/, Expedia, Newegg, Dell, Dish Network, and Microsoft are all accepting Bitcoin for payments


January — Coinbase opens up the first U.S-based cryptocurrency exchange
February — Stripe initiates bitcoin payment integration for merchants
April — NASDAQ initiates blockchain trial
June — NYDFS releases final version of its BitLicense virtual currency regulations
July — Ethereum’s first live mainnet release—Frontier—launched.
August — Augur, the first token launch on the Ethereum network takes place
September — R3 consortium formed with nine financial institutions, increases to over 40 members within six months
October — Gemini exchange launches, founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss
November — Announcement of first zero knowledge proof, ZK-Snarks
December — Linux Foundation establishes Hyperledger project


January — Zcash announced
February — HyperLedger project announced by Linux Foundation with thirty founding members
March — Second Ethereum mainnet release, Homestead, is rolled out.
April — The DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) launches a 28-day crowdsale. After one month, it raises an Ether value of more than US$150M
May — Chinese Financial Blockchain Shenzhen Consortium launches with 31 members
June — The DAO is attacked with 3.6M of the 11.5M Ether in The DAO redirected to the attacker’s Ethereum account
July — The DAO attack results in a hard fork of the Ethereum Blockchain to recover funds. A minority group rejecting the hard fork continues to use the original blockchain renamed Ethereum Classic
July — Second Bitcoin halving to 12.5BTC per block mined
November — CME Launches Bitcoin Price Index


January — Bitcoin price breaks US$1,000 for the first time in three years
February — Enterprise Ethereum Alliance formed with 30 founding members, over 150 members six months later
March — Multiple applications for Bitcoin ETFs rejected by the SEC
April — Bitcoin is officially recognized as currency by Japan
June — EOS begins its year-long ICO, eventually raising $4 billion
July — Parity hack exposes weaknesses in multisig wallets
August — Bitcoin Cash forks from the Bitcoin Network
October — Ethereum releases Byzantium soft fork network upgrade, part one of Metropolis
September — China bans ICOs
October — Bitcoin price surpasses $5,000 USD for the first time
November — Bitcoin price surpasses $10,000 USD for the first time
December — Ethereum Dapp Cryptokitties goes viral, pushing the Ethereum network to its limits


January — Ethereum price peaks near $1400 USD
March — Google bans all ads pertaining to cryptocurrency
March — Twitter bans all ads pertaining to cryptocurrency
April — 2018 outpaces 2017 with $6.3 billion raised in token launches in the first four months of the year
April — EU government commits $300 million to developing blockchain projects
June — The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission states that Ether is not a security.
July — Over 100,000 ERC20 tokens created
August — New York Stock Exchange owner announces Bakkt, a federally regulated digital asset exchange
October — Bitcoin’s 10th birthday
November — VC investment in blockchain tech surpasses $1 billion
December — 90% of banks in the US and Europe report exploration of blockchain tech


January — Coinstar machines begin selling cryptocurrency at grocery stores across the US
February — Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork is released, part two of Metropolis
April — Bitcoin surpasses 400 million total transactions
June — Facebook announces Libra
July — United States senate holds hearings titled ‘Examining Regulatory Frameworks for Digital Currencies and Blockchain”
August — Ethereum developer dominance reaches 4x that of any other blockchain
October — Over 80 million distinct Ethereum addresses have been created
September — Santander bank settles both sides of a $20 million bond on Ethereum
November — Over 3000 Dapps created. Of them, 2700 are built on Ethereum
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Bitcoin Token Full Review
Bitcoin Token Full Review Was up guys I want to talk about Bitcoin Token and all of its cool features like the Masternode, Staking Wallet and even owning your own full node using a Raspberry Pi, Plus some managed to create a Mining Rig or somewhat of a "Staking Rig" for BTCT. Oh and here's the links to what you see in this video =))
** Bitcoin Token Main Website **
** Bitcoin Token Ann Page **
** Bitcoin Token CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko **
**Bitcoin Token Block Explorer **
** Bitcoin Token Medium Page **
** Bitcoin Token Telegram **
** Bitcoin Token Twitter Page **
Keyword: Marketing, Online Marketing, Sales, Promoting, Content Creation, Promoter, Crypto, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, P2P, Peer to Peer, Block Explorer, Genesis Block, Asic miners, PoW, Proof of Work, PoS, Proof of Stake, MN, MasterNode, Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum, ETH, ERC20, Smart Contracts, MetaMask, ETHplorer, Altcoins, ICO, Crypto Faucets, Bounty Contest, Crypto Airdrops, Bitpay, Bitcoin Token, BTCT
#Bitcoin #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency
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Legit Micro-Earning method from BTCSURVEYS which gives you SATOSHI when you complete SURVEYS

Legit Micro-Earning method from BTCSURVEYS which gives you SATOSHI when you complete SURVEYS

BTCSurveys Dashboard


2 days ago I discovered a new product on market which looks healthy with a nice design, fast payment , a nice amount of surveys : BTCSURVEYS I said to give a try and in 2 days I managed to make some surveys and to get ~20000 sats and I withdraw ~14000 sats to BLUEWALLET.IO BTC account. And in less then 24 hours arrived.Withdrawal fee's are 2900 satoshi/withdrawal, there is no minimum withdrawal if you have money for fee.I recommand this as a legit and potential faucet for some nice sats.Surveys are not all the time available but once at 2 hours you will find new ones depending on your location (53 COUNTRIES AVAILABLE)
So don't lose time and register to start earning some bitcoin for simply completing surveys !!
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xCoin - a new altcoin project - easy to mine (for now!)

xCoin [XCOIN]

I've created a new cryptocurrency which, because it's at the early stages, is extremely easy to mine, even using a CPU. There's no whitepaper, no roadmap, it's just a project which I thought would be interesting to do and see where it leads. I also liked the name!
Update 9/1: Faucet is now available!
Update 4/1: We have a new logo!
Update 2/1: An experimental dice game/ponzi scheme is now available here:
DiceX -
Send between 0.1 and 3 XCOIN and get up to 175% back. If it's successful I may increase the limits and decrease the fee/increase winning potential in future.
Update 30/12: A paper wallet generator is now available: You can also download it to run locally:
Update 29/12: A Windows wallet has been created by antx. You can download it here:
If you want to donate to him: xQ1oQXaFzJogzsLSfAcPG1CQhovuuE8ySQ
Here are the coin specifications:
  • Maximum Supply: 52.5 million XCOIN
  • Mining Reward: 256 XCOIN, halving every 100,000 blocks. The first 130 blocks received a 10,000 XCOIN bonus [1.3m premine - only 2.5%]
  • Block Spacing: Approximately 5.25 minutes
  • Transaction Fees: Very low transaction fees with no destruction (all fees are collected by the block finder)
  • Algorithm: HMQ1725
  • P2P port: 27788
I listed it on bitcointalk last week:
Since then, the network hash rate has increased significantly, probably because somebody has set up a mining pool (details below)
I'd love to take some suggestions on how I could give this project some momentum. Happy to reward people with XCOIN for any good ideas or work :)
I think most importantly it needs to be listed on an exchange to be able to assign some value, but I don't have any budget to do this. Are there any exchanges which allow free listing?
Windows software that can be used with the below pools:
Mining pools:
-=ArcPool=- is ready for XCoin (hmq1725):
fee rate 0.9%, no need registration, payouts every 1 hour, welcome!
-a hmq1725 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=XCOIN
Block explorer:
List of Nodes:
e.g. run: cpuminer -a hmq1725 -o stratum+tcp:// -u xT1m5UoWpVw9qypY9qD1zjPnNMXb2YsLpL -p c=XCOIN
We changed Our MiningPool Server to New Hardware ( Xeon1230v6, 32gb DDR4 Ram, 480GB SSD in RAID and GIGABIT Upload!! )
stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=XCOIN
Fee: 0.5%, they also seem to take 5.12 XCOIN from each block.
e.g. run: cpuminer -a hmq1725 -o stratum+tcp:// -u xT1m5UoWpVw9qypY9qD1zjPnNMXb2YsLpL -p c=XCOIN
Fee: 0.2%
-a hmq1725 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=XCOIN
e.g. run: cpuminer -a hmq1725 -o stratum+tcp:// -u xT1m5UoWpVw9qypY9qD1zjPnNMXb2YsLpL -p c=XCOIN
xCoin Project
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My Year in Crypto: Spent all my money and a year to build a new blockchain to enable a real DEX.

I left my full time Job as software engineer on a Big financial company on December 20, 2017. After selling stock options I received for working on a startup some years ago, I decided to do an All in. With money to live by a year, I started to code. I've been coding for living since was teenager, the thing that I do best. Was troubled year, but I learned a lot, and I`m very proud of what we did till now. This is not how I was specting to end the year, but here we are. Now that my money is gone, I'm realeasing the source code of what we have done so far.
I develepod a blockchain from scratch, with cross chain capabilities, to create a trully descentralized exchange, that is how cryptocrurrencies should be traded. Not the centralized way that is today.
So, here are a draft of our paper, not technical:
The Block Explorer:
And the source code:
We Intent to start the testnet in february with Bitcoin testnet faucets and rinkeby Ether and tokens support.
We are looking for investment but maybe I'll need to find a job soon. My intent here is to share the project with the crypto community for the first time. Hoping this get some attention and maybe we find people interested in support the project. if you want to collaborate or get in touch, post here, or send an email to [[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])](mailto:[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])). Any questions I'll be glad to answer.
(Previously posted on and
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List of Legendary Bitcointalk posts

Here is a list of interesting Bitcointalk posts that I would like to update if someone has other cool posts. :)
First Post ever from Satoshi himself:
Post from Hal Finny:
Guy who invented Hodling:
Post that caught Ross Ulbricht (DPR) (Founder of Silkroad):
First Time PoS mentioned:
Get 5 Bitcoins for free faucet:
Archive of early Mailing List:
Some weird fact: Hal Finney died in 2014 but the last time someone used his Bitcointalk account was in 2017 🤔 Here is the proof:;u=2436
First purchase for bitcoin--2 pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins -
The famous 'We are the New Wealthy Elite' post -
Thread where a guy was auctioning 10,000 bitcoins for $50 but NOBODY wanted to pay that much -
guy who bought 259684 BTC for under $3000:
first reported major theft of Bitcoins:
Gavin helping the CIA:
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Open TODO List

Anyone can get paid BBP for helping do work for BiblePay!

From GUI Wallet, in top menu click Proposals >> Proposals Add
NOTE: Only costs 2500 BBP to submit a proposal requesting funding for your work

Here is an incomplete ownership list of different resources:

- Update and migrate Update/Clean wallet guide to website/wiki

- Update Wiki main page
---- Create Table of Contents

- Update White Paper

- Write and Publish Step by Step Buying Bitcoin and Buying BiblePay guide

- Create Youtube Videos
--- How to Mine
--- How to Buy Coins
--- How to Create Proposals, How to View, How Budget System Works-
-- How to Setup Masternode (How to Vote)

- Translate to All Languages
--- Bitcointalk ANN
--- Mining Guides
--- Website
--- White Paper
--- Wallet?
--- Bible?
Language Plugins for Wordpress:
- Polylang:
- qTranslate X:
- Polylang Pro:
- WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML):

- Spread to all online Christians

- Create Twitter Account and Follow BiblePay, Like and Retweet Tweets

- Create or Update Bitcointalk Forum Signature

- Advertising and Journalist Research (Multiple Sheets)

--- Write Articles/Stories
Christcoin is a dead coin now, but look what places it got articles:

- Google Ads -
- Facebook Ads
- Reddit Ads -
- Twitter Ads (Banned)

- Monthly Updates
- Weekly Updates
- Email Alerts for Mandatory Upgrades and Monthly News
- Monthly Proposal Summaries

Should we explain our History? and how should we explain it?

- How do we reach the people that would be most interested in BiblePay?
- How do people find BiblePay?
- What do they see when they find us?
- Why should someone invest in BiblePay? (Why does someone invest in Bitcoin?)
- How is BiblePay different and better than Bitcoin? What is unique?
- How easy is the path to invest?
- How do they stay in the loop / up to date?
  1. Simple Fun Youtube video on How to install BiblePay wallet, How to Buy Bitcoin, How to Buy BiblePay coins, and then How to Backup wallet and keep up to date on the project, Anyone here got youtube/video creation skills? (Older mining video that was good: [Most people are visual learners]
  2. Higher google search ranking for religion keywords matched with crypto keywords (more articles, google adwords, etc), examples of religious keywords: christian denominations:, Anyone interested in running a Google Adwords campaign? Anyone interested in writing articles hitting upon keywords in title and in article?
  3. I think we are missing out on Facebook, lots of older people on Facebook, older people probably dont use Reddit, Twitter, Discord, etc (I believe our Google Analytics data showed average age of users clicking on was around age 35), we should be posting regularly on there, anyone interested to make periodic posts that are super user friendly / not too technical?
We need help creating youtube videos
We need help creating graphics
We need help writing articles/stories
We need help communicating on Facebook
We need help running an email newsletter
We need help advertising our monthly budget proposals

- Coin Comparisons

- Airdrop

- Random Faucet

- Website SEO (Yoast plugin)

- International Crypto Forums
--- (Chinese)
--- (Russian)

- Slide Deck
"Slide decks are full of infographics and data optimized for "at-a-glance" viewing"

- Paper Wallet Giveaway
How to generate 100+ paper wallets with $1-5 loaded on each

- April of BLOOM has PR experience

- Banner Ads

- Interesting Data

- Cathio
Contact organization and writers who wrote articles about them(I think we are missing out on the keyword catholic, we should write page/articleabout how we are open to everyone including all Christian denominations)

- What information needs to be added to our website/ann/whitepapeetc?
-- Dash Evolution
-- Generic Smart Contracts (GSCs
-- Healing Campaign
-- Bug Bountys
-- Proof of Orphan Mining (POOM)
-- Christian Spaces
-- Chain Locks
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such beginner shibe thread wow how to get coin

 how to shibecoin v rich in minutes much instruct so simple any doge can do 


UPDATE 1/21/14: I'm not updating this guide anymore. Most of the steps should still work though. See the wiki or check the sidebar for updated instructions.
Before you do anything else, you need to get a wallet. Until there's a secure online wallet, this means you need to download the dogecoin client.
Now open the client you just downloaded. You'll be given a default address automatically, and it should connect to peers and start downloading the dogechain (aka blockchain in formal speak). You'll know because there will be a progress bar at the bottom and at the lower right there should be a signal strength icon (TODO: add screenshots).
If you've waited 2 or 3 minutes and nothing is happening, copy this:
maxconnections=100 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode=miner.coinedup.comdoge addnode= addnode= addnode= 
And paste it into a new text file called dogecoin.conf, which you then place into the dogecoin app directory.
Now restart your qt client and the blockchain should start downloading in about 1-2 minutes.
Once it finished downloading, you're ready to send and receive Dogecoins!


Decide how you want to get Dogecoin. Your options are:
I'll go into detail about each of these. I'm currently writing this out. I'll make edits as I add sections. Suggestions are welcome.


Mining is how new dogecoins are created. If you're new to crypto currencies, read this. To mine (also called "digging"), a computer with a decent GPU (graphics card) is recommended. You can also mine with your CPU, but it's not as efficient.


These instructions cover only Windows for now. To mine, you'll need to figure out what GPU you have. It'll be either AMD/ATI or Nvidia. The setup for both is approximately the same.

Step One: Choose a pool

There's a list of pools on the wiki. For now it doesn't really matter which one you choose. You can easily switch later.
NOTE: You can mine in two ways. Solo mining is where you mine by yourself. When you find a block you get all the reward. Pool mining is when you team up with other miners to work on the same block together. This makes it more likely that you'll find a block, but you won't get all of it, you'll have to split it up with others according to your share of the work. Pool mining is recommended because it gives you frequent payouts, because you find more blocks. The larger the pool you join, the more frequent the payouts, but the smaller the reward you get.
Over a long period of time the difference between pool and solo mining goes away, but if you solo mine it might be months before you get any coins.

Step two: Set up pool account

The pool you chose should have a getting started page. Read it and follow the instructions. Instructions vary but the general idea is:
When you're done with this, you'll need to know:

Step three: Download mining software

For best performance you'll need the right mining software.
Unzip the download anywhere you want.

Step four: Set up miner

Create a text file in the same folder as your miner application. Inside, put the command you'll be running (remove brackets).
For AMD it's cgminer.exe --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://: -u -p
For Nvidia it's cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp://: -O :
Substitute the right stuff in for the placeholders. Then on the next line of the text file type pause. This will let you see any errors that you get. Then save the file with any name you want, as long as the file extension is .bat. For example mine_serverName.bat.

Step five: Launch your miner

Just open the .bat file and a command line window should pop up, letting you know that the miner is starting. Once it starts, it should print out your hash rate.
If you now go to the pool website, the dashboard should start showing your hashrate. At first it'll be lower than what it says in the miner, but that's because the dashboard is taking a 5 minute average. It'll catch up soon enough.
NOTE: A normal hashrate is between 50 Kh/s up to even 1 Mh/s depending on your GPU.

You're now mining Dogecoins

That's it, nothing more to it.


CPU mining isn't really recommended, because you'll be spending a lot on more on power than you'd make from mining Dogecoin. You could better spend that money on buying Dogecoin by trading. But if you have free electricity and want to try it out, check out this informative forum post.


Trading has been difficult so far, but Dogecoin just got added to a few new exchanges. If you don't have a giant mining rig, this is probably the best way to get 100k or more dogecoins at the moment. I'll write up a more complete guide, but for now check out these sites:


Faucets are sites that give out free coins. Usually a site will give out somewhere between 1 and 100 Dogecoin. Every site has its own time limits, but usually you can only receive coins once every few hours, or in some cases, days. It's a great way to get started. All you do is copy your address from the receive section of your wallet and enter it on some faucet sites. Check out /dogecoinfaucets for more. If you go to each site on there you might end up with a couple hundred Dogecoin!


This method is pretty straightforward. Post your receiving address, and ask for some coins. Such poor shibe. The only catch is, don't do it here! Please go to /dogecoinbeg.


At the moment there are two tip bots:
Other redditors can give you Dogecoin by summoning the tip bot, something like this:
+dogetipbot 5 doge
This might happen if you make a good post, or someone just wants to give out some coins. Once you receive a tip you have to accept it in a few days or else it'll get returned. Do this by following the instructions on the message you receive in your inbox. You reply to the bot with "+accept". Commands go in the message body. Once you do that, the bot will create a tipping address for you, and you can use the links in the message you receive to see your info, withdraw coins to your dogecoin-qt wallet, see your history, and a bunch of other stuff.
As a bonus, so_doge_tip has a feature where you can get some Dogecoins to start with in exchange for how much karma you have. To do this, send the message "+redeem DOGE" to so_doge_tip. You'll need to create a tipping account if you don't have one.
If you want to create a tipping account without ever being tipped first, message either of the bots with "+register" and an address will be created for you.


  • 1/21/14 - Added note about this thread no longer being updated
  • 1/21/14 - Changed wallet links to official site
  • 12/27/13 - Added 1.3 wallet-qt links
  • 12/21/13 - Added new windows 1.2 wallet link
  • 12/20/13 - Fixed +redeem text
  • 12/18/13 - Added short blurb on trading.
  • 12/18/13 - Updated cudaminer to new version (
  • 12/18/13 - Fixed +redeem link
  • 12/18/13 - Updates dogecoin.conf, from here.
  • 12/17/13 - Linked to mining explanation.
  • 12/17/13 - Added link to CPU mining tutorial, in response to this.
  • 12/16/13 - Added links to tip commands, link to dogetipbot wiki.
  • 12/16/13 - Note about tip commands going in body, in response to this.
  • 12/16/13 - Added link to cgminer mirror, thanks to scubasteve812 and thanks to Bagrisham.
  • 12/16/13 - Note about removing brackets in response to this.
  • 12/15/13 - Fixed hash rate as per this comment, thanks lleti
  • 12/15/13 - Added info for all other ways of getting money, except for trading (placeholder for now)
  • 12/15/13 - Added windows GPU mining instructions 12/15/13 - Added wallet instructions, list of how to get money
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3 tips to mine bitcoin free

Hi friends, I wrote this unique tips to Reddit community, I hope that it helps. Pls share your tips and experience. I want to learn from you.

1. Playing Free Bitcoin Games
Bitcoin games are in some cases referred to as “fun faucets”.
To put things better into the point of view, they require zero investment and offer you little parts of Bitcoin each time you win, figure out how to beat a level or achieve a higher score.
These Bitcoin games ordinarily make their money from smart ad campaigns and can stand to give out little measures of the cryptocurrency (in return for the massive influx of traffic).
Along these lines, on the off chance that you'd preferably play a genuine game, then spend throughout the day entering captchas on conventional faucet websites, at that point maybe Bitcoin games are a superior answer for you.
Related post: Best 2018 Bitcoin mining strategies: Free Bitcoin mining
2. Answer studies to gain free Bitcoin
You've most likely addressed an overview or two in your lifetime, yet did you realize you could be getting paid for it?
Online overviews have been around for a very long time. For the individuals who don't have the foggiest idea about, these are questionnaires of-sorts that can be completed over the internet.
The majority of the present online studies are made as simple web forms, connected to a database that stores each answer. The answers are utilized to make infographics, give analytics, or to recognize market sentiment, brand awareness or conduct broad market research.
For instance, an entrepreneur may conduct an online review to decide if a demographic of individuals would be keen on buying a new product or services or to learn the market's sentiment about a specific subject.
Paid online studies frequently work by compensating individuals with vouchers, rebates or cash when they answer a series of questions.
Bitcoin overviews, then again, are still genuinely new to the market, yet there for the most part like the conventional ones — the main distinction being that free Bitcoin is given out as an incentive rather than coupons.
By repetitively answering Bitcoin-based online overviews, you can procure little measures of the digital currency.
Here are a few sites to kick you started (I haven't tried these actually yet):

• Bitcoin Reward
• Coin Bucks
• Bitcoin Get
3. Complete online jobs for Bitcoin (i.e. freelance)
Discover something you are good at and enjoy, and offer your services online.
Along these lines, you will be getting paid in Bitcoin for the work that you do, which is for all intents and purposes boundless. You can write, code, edit, proofread, design, enter information, conduct surveys, carry out research and so forth — and be paid in Bitcoin consequently. Over the long run, in the wake of working online for some time, and considering the conceivable esteem changes of cryptocurrencies, you could wind up influencing a little fortune without expecting to invest whatever else separated from time.
For instance, I'm more often than not on the other end of this market. I discovered someone to make a translate of this website into the Russian language on Bitcointalk, and I paid another person from a similar place to write the vast majority of this page. Altogether, I've spent a few thousand dollars hiring freelancers from Bitcointalk—and I'm not the only one.
Discover what you specialize in and advance yourself on the different Bitcoin services marketplaces. The best places to promote your services are:
• BitcoinTalk's "services" category
• Moneo. io
• Bitflip
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Coming Soon: Bitcoin & Altcoin Poker Room

Hello everyone.
For the past 5 months we have been working on a new poker room for bitcoin & altcoin deposit/withdrawals.
Before I get into the software, developments, features and UI, I'd to start off by saying that the reason I'm posting this a month before launching is because I'd like to reach out to the poker community that do use bitcoins and try to get a feeling for what they like. Whats important to you when it comes to poker brands and crypto-currencies.
For example: Minimum deposit & withdrawal amount - In your opinion (and to keep it fair) what do you suggest the minimum withdrawal and deposit amount should be? What should be the max withdrawal time? What currency should be used in a crypto-poker room? mBTC? Licenses? Anonymity?

Any other suggestions and remarks can be extremely useful.

Alittle bit about what were doing.
We've created a new poker room. Using an already existing poker software, our developers have added some new and exciting features as well as a completely new UI.
Our features - Rakeback-Per-Session: If your familiar with poker from fiat poker brands than you've probably heard of rakeback. Our brand lets you view live on your table, the rakeback you have generated per session on your table Rakeback will be allocated back to your poker wallet the very next day!

UBPlay: This is our own unique take on PLAY MONEY. Similar to Zynga poker and other poker communities you may find on facebook, UBPlay allows our players to top up a PLAY MODE faucet of 500 chips (with a value of 500 satoshis) once every 6 hours. Play tourneys/cash games or sit&goes. Use your play chips to buy UBTickets and once you have enough, come join our real UBEvents with real cash (bitcoin) prizes

If your interested in seeing what the poker room will look like you can follow our post on bitcointalk here:
Here you can find what our final table on a tournament will look like as well as our cashier and lobby.
Thank you and hoping to hear from all of you soon.
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I'm ThePiachu, /r/Bitcoin moderator for 3 years today, AMA

So it looks like I've been a moderator of /Bitcoin for 3 years now. Seems like as good of a reason as any to do my first AMA, so please ask away.
Some conversation starters:
Since we're talking about moderation, this blog post might be of interest to some of you - "On /Bitcoin moderation - three years in review".
So please, ask me anything (and keep it civil ;) ).
EDIT: set Q&A as a suggested sort for the AMA.
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Welcome to the CUT Subreddit

Check this thread to navigate.

Start Here:
🖥 Webpage
💻 Block Explorer
Blog and news
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Check out for Guides:
CLI wallet guide
Staking Guide
Raspberry Pi Staking (c) Satori Nakamato


Community ( you're welcome)
Ambassador Campaign

Faucet https//

If you still have questions drop us a line [email protected]
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